PuttOut Putt Trainer
PuttOut Putt Trainer
PuttOut Putt Trainer
PuttOut Putt Trainer
PuttOut Putt Trainer
PuttOut Putt Trainer
PuttOut Putt Trainer

PuttOut Putt Trainer

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#1 Bestselling Golf Training Aid in 2020

"It's fun, addictive, and a fantastic way to improve your putting" -John Greenwood (PGA Pro and Golf Instructor)

The key to great putting is practice. With Perfect Putt, you can practice anywhere – including the comfort of your home. 

With a scientifically shaped parabolic ramp, each made putt is returned to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed, anything else is a miss.    

Only putts absolutely perfect will hold in the micro-target, so let the practice begin.  

•    Returns correctly hit putts to you   
•    Rejects poorly hit putts and lets them roll off the side   
•    Putts hit at the correct speed will be returned to the same distance that it was hit past the hole  

•    The foldable design allows for easy storage   
•    The base is the same diameter of a golf hole   
•    Micro-target denotes the perfect putt   
•    For indoor or outdoor use    

Notable Reviews

"5 Stars, hands down"
-John Greenwood
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

"My putting has improved already by using this. I keep it in my bag, it's small and takes up almost no space, and before each round I just drop it on the practice green and hit a bunch of putts at it, it really helps me quickly dial in my speed and aim. And I love how it returns the ball as far as I would have missed by if I missed.
I am also an assistant golf coach for a high school team and the boys love it. The benefit for new golfers is that they can hit a lot of putts in a hurry, especially in the 3-5 foot range, a very important range that most novice golfers don't practice. Because the ball comes back at you when you miss, you can make a lot of touch putts quickly and really see improvement fast. Excellent product, five stars."
-Dave J.S.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐